Thursday, November 29, 2012

Class 3: Planting reality one seedbed at a time!

Class 3:  Seeds and Seedbeds

What's in a seed I ask?  And how is it that such a tiny thing can grow into such a huge plant such as a watermelon or tomato?? Trying to convey this thought and enthusiasm to a group of eight-year-olds who would rather be watching WWF wrestling than listen about gardening is certainly a feat but I think poco a poco the kids are starting to get more and more into our gardening classes.

This week we talked about seeds and seedbeds and then had the kids make their own seedbeds.  We planted watermelon, tomato, cucumber, cauliflower, and some herbs and the kids were really into it.  The best part of these classes have been the transition of the teachers participation.  The first class the teachers were very in the back of the class and not really helping us control the kids but now on our third class the teacher were participating with the kids and even going out and looking for container for seedbeds and taking the initiative to go and pass out seeds to the kids and help plant!  The director of the school also asked Helen and I if we could make a manual/document of all the classes we have done and classes we are going to do so she can use the information for future classes!  So all in all a very good 3rd week!

 Helen and I making seedbeds out of egg crates and bottles

Two heads are better than one!!

Filling up our seedbeds

The directora and teachers helping pass out seeds

Kids helping gather soil for their plantitas!!!

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